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Elizabeth Kelly, MA, FMCHC


I'm so glad you're here. You have taken the first step away from pain, fatigue, and despair. The struggle you are facing right now is one I know well. At the age of 48, I experienced the sudden onset of the autoimmune disease PMR. which left me in excruciating pain, unable to sleep or do the things I once took for granted. My life felt like it was falling apart, and my body was failing. I worried for my future and feared my healthiest days were behind me. I just wanted to be well again.

Perhaps you have a health condition that has left you discouraged, fearful, and worried about your future. You want to feel vibrant and joyful again, but you're worried your best health is behind you. You want to live without pain and move beyond just taking a pill. You want to get to the root cause of your illness. You know you need to make changes, but it seems so overwhelming. You don't know where to start or how to make those changes last.


You might feel like my client did when asked about the importance of staying healthy. She began by saying, "I don't want to become like that old gray house." The house she was referring to was the Grey Gardens mansion.

Grey Gardens was an exquisite home in the Hamptons that became dilapidated when the mother and daughter living there did not have the means or the ability to care for it. Vines surrounded the home; plaster and paint peeled off the walls; ceilings were crumbling; garbage piled up on the floors, and racoons and feral cats began to colonize the premises. When the health department threatened to tear it down, benevolent relatives donated money to have it cleaned up and brought back to code; however, a few years later, it was again in disarray. No one worked with the owners to develop the skills and tools to maintain it. Eventually, new owners spent years renovating and restoring the home. Finally, it was sold for $15.5 million. Today, it is an extraordinary home with an incredible legacy.

My client realized something I understood from my healing journey: when you take ownership of your health, you can turn your life around. It is possible to create health, longevity, and vitality. With a few lifestyle changes, you can have more energy, less pain, more confidence, less anxiety, greater focus, better sleep, and hope for your future.

When I began to apply the principles of functional medicine to my life, everything turned around for me. By making a few shifts in my diet, movement, sleep, stress, and social relationships, I have been able to create health and support healing. Today I live a vibrant, hope-filled, healthy life. You can, too.


It's time to become the hero of your healing journey. With compassion and understanding, I will help you move toward energy, vitality, and hope for your future. Take the next step toward owning your future health and request a free 15-minute laser coaching session. I want to hear your story.


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Your body is

the only home you have.

How you care for it matters.

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I thought that my best health was behind me...

I was wrong.

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Meet Elizabeth Kelly

My life took a huge turn several years ago with the sudden onset of an autoimmune disease, leaving me unable to do many things that I had taken for granted. Brushing my hair, getting dressed, rolling over in bed, and even getting up out of a chair and walking created excruciating pain. That pain also kept me awake at night. I was afraid that I might one day be paralyzed by the pain and stiffness. It was a truly devastating time in my life. I remember wishing it would all end or just go away. I remember thinking the healthiest years of my life were behind me and I had taken them for granted. If only I could turn back the clock so I could go back and appreciate all that I had lost. Realizing that was impossible, I started to wish I could just get back to where I was before this disease struck. You may find it hard to believe, but today, I see my diagnosis as one of the best things to ever happen to me. 

What People Say

"She takes the time to understand me and my personal health goals. Her insight is valuable. Her expertise has helped me and continues to help me stay on track to reach my health and wellness goals. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth."

- Lisa

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